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UKW Praktika has in possession three radio-broadcasting centers for collective radio-operating activity - in Sofia, in Varna and Popovo.


Their emitting points have been selected  after much  research work  and mearurements aimed at realizing a high quality servicing with normed signals of both the city territory and the major part of  its vicinity.


The centers are provided with all the necessary  equipment, needed for telecommunication activity.

The antenna systems are with complex, properly selected configurations of high quality, in order to secure an effective radiation over the serviced area.

All the three radio-broadcasting centers dispose of the necessary conditions for performing different kinds of telecommunication activity.


Nowadays from these centers are broadcasting TV Varna, BG Radio, Radio Nova, Radio 1, Retro Radio, Radio City, Info Radio, Radio Mila, Radio FM+, Alma Mater Radio, Radio Gong, Radio Fresh, Radio Atlantic, Radio Antola, Popovo Net.

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