The UKW Praktika Company exists since 1992. It is specialized in the production of radio transmitters in the 87,5 ÷ 108 MHz frequency range, with a regulated power of 10 to 2000 W.


Besides it offers the full range of equipment to furnish a radio-broadcasting station - a rich variety of antenna-feeder systems, filter-plexers, combiners and couplers, all in conformity with the Bulgarian standards and the CCIRT. 


The company disposes of its own manufacturing workshop in Sofia for assembling, measuring and adjustment of the products.


The company has a  branch in the town of Popovo and a test site in the village of Possabina near Popovo.


Our products design is a result of the work of  highly qualified  computer experts, engineers, physicists and mechanicians.


The company disposes of a measuring laboratory.


UKW Praktika is permanently involved in long-term design and research projects, aimed  at the development of new technologies for the needs of the up-to-date media.